About Scrabo Power

I was born and grew up in Newtownards, home of Scrabo Tower hence the blog name. I now live in East Belfast with my lovely wife Lisa,  a dog named Che, and a cat named Cleo.

As this is a personal blog the views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of my employers and any other organisations I am involved with.

My email address is scrabopower (AT) hotmail (DOT) co (DOT) uk


3 Responses to About Scrabo Power

  1. Manni Dwyer says:

    Found you on the web during a search for paitings of Scrabo Tower.

    Trying to supprise my wife for christmas. Both her parents where born in Newtownards and immigrated to South Africa. If you have any suggestions I would be gratefull.


  2. Gary Dempsey says:

    I was reading your blog and came across the term Bully’s Acre Boys – and then noticed that you grew up in Newtownards. I am currently writing a paper on the term Bully’s Acre and would be interested to hear about any memories that you have of the site in newtownards

  3. spiritof81 says:

    No problem – drop me an email (on the “about” page)

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